Why VProtect

Committed to Protect

VProtect is taking home security to a whole new level in India. We secure every window, door and room against thieves, fires & medical emergencies. Ensuring 360° protection of your family and valuables. 

Security scenarios

uninvited visitor
Uninvited visitor
Our world-class alarm, 24X7 remote monitoring along with beat patrolling & immediate response system protect you and your family.
rapid respond in minutes
Rapid response in minutes
Private emergency response fleets are always on their toes to shatter the intruder's hopes to rob your home.
The help options lets you notify us instantly in fire and medical emergencies.

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VProtect is India’s first and only alarm, monitoring, and response security solution for home and office.

Our system triggers a loud alarm and sends a notification to our Alarm Receiving Centre in case of an intrusion. 

Our cutting-edge technology and real-time monitoring service detect potential intrusion, contact you and inform the rapid response officer.

After an intrusion is detected, our rapid response officer receives a notification. He then arrives at your doorstep in minutes to stop the intruder.