Security System Products

Control panel

It is the heart of our security solution. It controls all the events and notifications, using a dual communication system through both, Internet and SIM.

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Motion Viewer

Detects intruder's motion, takes clear visuals even at night, and sends them to the monitoring station instantly. It is exclusively marketed by VProtect in India.

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The 2-Way Wireless Slim Keypad used to operate the panel and arm/disarm the alarm system. Also includes an internal proximity reader for easy operation.

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Used to effortlessly arm/ disarm your alarm from multiple locations, without the need of remembering any user PIN or password.

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Motion Detector

Covers a wide area of your home and detects any movement within the premises in case of any intrusion. Sends instant alarm alerts to the monitoring station.

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Magnetic Door Contact

Detects whenever the door or window of your house opens and sends an alert to the monitoring centre.

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External Siren

Triggers a high-decibel siren with a flashlight, enough to scare away intruders and alert your neighbours.

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Smoke & Heat Detector

Detects smoke or heat at early stages of fire hazards. Our advanced rate-of-rise detecting component is designed keeping in mind the Indian conditions.

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IP Camera

Ensures 24/7 safety of your premises through live video streaming even during the dark. Available on Mobile phones; Stores video content on the cloud.

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An easy-to-use portable device to send a distress signal during emergencies (intrusion, fire, medical). Also used to arm/disarm the alarm system.

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A home with a CCTV camera is only half protected, as it just records the intrusion. But, a home security system with a response will stop the intrusion by sending a trained officer at your doorsteps after an intrusion is detected.

The cost of the full home security setup depends on the structure of your house, which you will get to know after a free security audit. However, on average, it will cost you INR 100/day only.

Every security system includes:

  • A panic button for medical or fire-related emergencies.
  • A wireless keypad for arming/disarming the system.
  • A motion viewer to detect an intrusion.
  • A siren to alert you and your neighbours.
  • A smoke detector to identify smoke or heat at early stages of fire hazards.