5 Reasons Why You Need a Security System for your Gurgaon Office

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Gurgaon  is the nerve center of nearly half the Fortune 500 and multinational companies in India. In fact, it’s also called “the Singapore of India” due to its reachability and accessible office spaces.

According to a report published in The Economic Times, Gurgaon is now India’s most sought-after office space market and is expected to expand to nearly 7,500,000 square feet by 2017 compared to 4,002,860 square feet in the previous quarter of 2015. Gurgaon has become the preferred space for companies in India and is also considered one of the fastest-growing corporate hubs in the country.

However, even after increased proliferation, the city is plagued with safety issues that affect offices. There have been inordinate cases of theft, robbery, and even fires breaking out.

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Here is a list of reasons why you should opt to install a security system at your Gurgaon office:

1) Lack of Police Patrolling

As office spaces have been continuously expanding, police patrolling has also become limited to few passes per day. This is a grave security concern for owners and office workers, who rely on the police for assistance in case of an emergency.

2) Poor Infrastructure

Most of the area is dimly lit or has non-functional street lights, due to which even CCTV cameras can’t record and get accurate visuals. This can be a security concern for offices and employees.

3) Inadequate Police Vigilance

Due to an overall lack of police presence and proper security measures, the area is not considered very safe at night and is prone to all kinds of crime.

4) Safety of Employees

The location is somewhat unsafe for employees at night due to many reported incidents of thefts and robbery. In a case last October, for instance, thieves on motorbikes robbed an employee working in Gurgaon’s Sector 15 Part 2 of a diamond ring worth Rs 2 lakh.

5) Cases of Fire Breaking Out

Recently, India-Japan Lighting (IJL) factory, a vendor company of Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), was completely destroyed by a major fire late on a Tuesday night. In fact, firefighting personnel are always kept on their toes due to increasing fire-related incidents. These events illustrate why a better security and fire detection system is must for companies in this area.

All these issues indicate that the safety of your office and its employees can be at risk in Gurgaon if you don’t choose a reliable security solution.

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