VProtect is a perfect synergy of technology and manpower. With the state-of-the-art alarm monitoring and response services facility you can stay worry-free about the safety of your belongings and your loved ones. VProtect is India's first alarm, monitoring and response solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

SIS Group

The SIS Group is India’s second largest security services provider and one of the biggest Australia’s joint security service provider with a 1.4 lakhs workforce. We offer a comprehensive suite of security and business support services. Besides, we are the second largest cash logistics company in India with a joint venture with and have also become the 4th largest facility management company in India.

The SIS Group has a wide geographic coverage with presence across all the 29 states in India. With such proliferation across the country, unmatched technical expertise, and continuous operational management and support, we are enabled to serve businesses and customers in the remotest corners of India.

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