About us

Engineered to safeguard
what matters to you.

VProtect is a perfect synergy of state-of-the-art technology and trained manpower. We are India’s first alarm, monitoring, and response solution for home and office. With our efficient home security solution, you can stop worrying about your family’s safety, because we reach in minutes (in case of an intrusion).

FAQs about our security solution

Our system triggers a loud alarm and sends a notification to our Alarm Receiving Centre in case of an intrusion.

Our cutting-edge technology and real-time monitoring service detect potential intrusion, contact you and inform the rapid response officer.

After an intrusion is detected, our rapid response officer receives a notification. He then arrives at your doorstep in minutes to stop the intruder.

About SIS

SIS Group is one of the leading providers of security, facility management and cash logistics solutions in India and APAC. The group has been in operation for over three decades and is currently the largest and number 1 provider of security services in India and Australia. The company ranks No 2 in facility management in India and is among the top three security companies in Singapore. The group revenues crossed $1 Bn in FY19 and is one of the fastest growing companies across the world in these segments,

SIS is the 4th largest private sector employer in India, employing over 2.35 lakh employees across its group companies. The group has a pan-India presence, across 125 towns and cities, including the remotest corners of the country. The company’s 312 branches cater to 630 districts. The expansive network ensures the company’s touchpoints are close to the premises of customers, resulting in faster delivery.