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How VProtect Works

  • 1

    Installation of Wireless Security Equipment

    An advanced, wireless, and highly intelligent security equipment consisting of sensors, cameras, and detectors are installed at your premise.

    CCTV Installation in Gurgaon
  • 2

    Intrusion Detection and Alert

    During the event of suspicious activities, intrusions, fire or medical emergencies, the security system sends alerts to our centralized monitoring station instantly

    Office Security Solutions
  • 3

    Intrusion Verification

    The alert is then received and verified at our 24*7 monitoring station, and the corresponding security protocol is followed immediately

    CCTVs Security for Homes in Gurgaon
  • 4

    Rapid Response

    As per the security protocol, the trained response officers reach your premise within 15 minutes, and civic authorities are also informed (police, ambulance, fire department) if needed

    Home Security Solutions in Gurgaon
  • 5

    Regular Monitoring and Patrolling

    Homes/Businesses are routinely checked and monitored by our efficient patrolling and response officers

    Advanced security system for Homes in Gurgaon
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Alert Based Security System in Gurgaon

Family always come first. They are the most important thing in the world to you. With crime on a rampant rise, their safety is your number one priority. That is why you need security you can trust. Your family's safety is our responsibility and safeguarding them is our priority.

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Safe Security comopany in Gurgaon

Your business is your baby, and you do everything to make it thrive, stable investment, consistent stock, employee & customer satisfaction. But with crime on the rise, you can really cannot afford to take risks, especially when it comes to safeguarding your business. That is why you need security you can trust.

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"Me and my family feel safe inside the house. We also feel safe when we are not inside the house. VProtect is like a 24X7 friendly security guard. The staff is well qualified. The return on investment is worth the high tech security service offered by VProtect. God bless VProtect. After God we trust VProtect!"

Wing Commander Raman Sopory

Air Force Veteran

VProtect customer since Feb'17

Nisheeth Sahay

Senior Vice President - Leading Bank

VProtect customer since Mar'17

Harish Juneja


VProtect customer since Jan'17

Siddharth Khanna


VProtect customer since Mar'17

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